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All Nutrition Loco Extreme

All Nutrition Loco Extreme

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LOCO EXTREME is a unique formula for all athletes and physically active people, which takes into account all the essential ingredients associated with effective pre-workout supplementation. In addition, LOCO EXTREME was enriched with branded SABBET® i BIOPERINE® formulas.

Thanks to LOCO EXTREMEyou don't need to invest in several different products! The supplement contains many ingredients that act synergistically. This allows you to broaden the area of action of the formula during training and bring out previously unknown layers of our body's potential.


Even the most skilled athletes have their down days and feel a lack of energy and motivation to start training. Without concentration, it is difficult to succeed and achieve your goal. LOCO EXTREME provides a full spectrum of the best ingredients to provide the right level of stimulation and boost metabolism.

Caffeine has a powerful stimulating effect, adds energy, and reduces the feeling of fatigue. By increasing the secretion of endorphins, it also leads to a reduction in the sensation of pain5. By combining L-theanine with caffeine, LOCO EXTREME can increase attentiveness and reduce susceptibility to distraction.

The use of the anhydrous form of caffeine was proven to be more beneficial to performance than drinking coffee. One serving of LOCO EXTREME contains an amount of caffeine comparable to 4 cups of espresso!

Taurine is an amino acid that influences the speed of information transfer between the brain and muscles. Moreover, it reduces the feeling of fatigue and stimulates the body, allowing it to continue training at maximum speed.

Current scientific reports show that the combination of caffeine, L-theanine and tyrosine is the most beneficial for increasing mental and physical performance.

Rhodiola rosea extract, which is often referred to as the "golden root" increases the stimulation and enjoyment of training, thereby reducing feelings of fatigue. Rhodiola rosea is excellent for preparing for competition as it increases resistance to mental and physical stress.

Capsicum annuum extract is the most efficient source of natural capsaicin, which strengthens immunity, has a positive effect on the circulatory system and improves digestion. Thanks to its thermogenic properties, it facilitates fat burning.

Bioperine® black pepper extract patented by the American Sabinsa laboratory, is standardised to contain 95% piperine. This extract ensures better bioavailability of nutrients and active ingredients, especially amino acids. Furthermore, it has a thermogenic effect, thus supporting weight maintenance.


Providing a muscle pump effect and vascularisation is one of the most important tasks of good pre-workout supplements. It is important to increase nitric oxide in the body to achieve the desired effect. In LOCO EXTREME all the ingredients were used for better nourishment of muscle cells and providing them with more "fuel”.

Out of all forms of arginine, AAKG has the best effect on vasodilation and contributes to the muscle pump.

Citrulline malate is one of the most potent NO boosters. It boosts creatine production, resulting in the generation of significant energy deposits. Citrulline also reduces the sensation of muscle soreness and muscle achiness1. Supplementation of citrulline malate by bodybuilders improves muscular endurance, enabling them to achieve approximately 53% more repetitions in a series. Furthermore, its use can contribute more than 40% to a reduction in muscle achiness after 24 and 48 hours.

Sabeet® beetroot extract is a nitrate-rich beetroot extract patented by Sabinsa's US laboratory. This extract contains betaine, which takes an active part in the creatine synthesis process and supports adequate cell hydration.

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